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See What I See – VSA(S) Annual Art Competition

7 August – 5 October 2020

This image contains a border formed up by illustrations of housing and greenery. In the middle, there is a S-shaped ribbon with these words written on it: VSA(S) 18th Annual Arts Competition for Children, Youth and Young Adults with Special Needs, My Home, Submission Deadline: 5 October 2020, Monday, 6pm. Illustrations of people cycling, walking and jogging surround this ribbon.

Registration for the 18th edition ‘See What I See’ – VSA(S) Annual Art Competition for Children, Youth and Young Adults with Special Needs is now open!
Theme for this year – My Home

My Home here refers to togetherness, family and comfort, a place where you feel welcomed, where you can be yourself. A space of freedom and safety.

What does My Home mean to you? Is it a place, an emotion, a group of people? Is it your friends, your neighbourhood or the people you love… Tell us more in your artwork!

This Competition is open to participants with special needs aged 6 to 35 years old, so feel free to spread the word to your students, school alumni and friends!

Please visit for the Rules & Regulations and the online Registration Form.

Category: Visual Arts
Organiser: Very Special Arts Singapore
Venue: Online
Language: English
Contact: [email protected] / 6448 6275

M1 Peer Pleasure Youth Theatre Festival 2020

Festival videos available from 18 September – 18 October 2020

The poster has a plain light grey background with abstract colourful shapes that outline the border on the right and bottom of the poster. At the top left of the poster is the M1 Peer Pleasure Youth Theatre Festival 2020 Logo in black and on the top right is the word Disability in a simple font except the letters D, A, I and Y which are made out of shapes shaped like the letter. Below Disability are further details which read, presented by ArtsWok Collective. In collaboration with Esplanade -Theatres on the Bay. Below the Logo portion are the three shows, What If, Staged Readings and Rileys Rain, which are part of the festival. The pictures of the shows are stacked on top of each other on the left column with the titles in bolded font placed beside their respective images on the right. The image of What If is a collage of cropped photos featuring a diverse group of people with different disabilities set against a background made up of colourful abstract shapes. The image of Staged Readings is a picture of a wheelchair bound student pictured in the centre of a busy canteen hall. Lastly, the image of Rileys Rain is a collage of 3 images of the cast members in action on set. They are wearing pink, blue and green costumes and appear to be in a scene of a forest. The poster includes text information, which is elaborated in this event listing.

How do differently-abled people live in Singapore? Who and where are they? Where are their voices and stories in our everyday? M1 Peer Pleasure is an annual youth theatre festival with a social conscience that focuses on the issue of Disability in 2020.

Presented by ArtsWok Collaborative in collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, the festival features 3 shows which are:

  • What If, a new media experience co-created by a diverse group including a cast with disabilities, explores being human amid a pandemic. There are 4 original shows and each is accompanied by a short animation.
  • Staged readings of If These Wheels Could Speak… by Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, and The Other People by Dunman High School.
  • Riley’s Rain, a sensory story-telling experience designed for audiences with autism spectrum disorder and sensory sensitivities, through a video paired with a craft kit.

What If is a ticketed show that has ended, but the archival videos, along with all the festival shows has been uploaded to ArtsWok Collaborative YouTube page. Check out the special playlist for blind and vision-impaired audiences (click here).

Category: Theatre / Film
Organiser: ArtsWok Collaborative in collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
Venue: Online
Event Timings: NA
Language: English
Ticketing Info: Free
Typed of Access Provided: Audio Description / Captioning / Sensory-friendly
Website: |
Contact: [email protected]

VS Dance Programme

Between October to December 2020

This image features a male dancer, dressed in all black, expressing movement through his arms and legs. The text overlaid reads VS Dance: Registration Opens Now!. Criteria: 18 years and above; passionate about dance and movement; a wheelchair user or have an intellectual disability (Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Williams Syndrome, Global Development Delay, ADHD, Specific Language Impairment etc.).

VS Dance is a programme by Very Special Arts Singapore in partnership with RAW Moves. This programme aims to pave the way for students who are interested in dance and aspire to be professional dancers. VS Dance programme comprises classes, workshops, excursions and performance opportunities to allow students to develop their artistic voice and life skills.

Sign up now for an audition and realise your dream! For enquiries, email [email protected] or call 6604 9431.

Category: Dance (Audition Notice)
Organiser: Very Special Arts Singapore
Venue: To be confirmed
Language: English
Contact: [email protected] / 6604 9431

Scheherazade’s Sea: stories and songs from a hidden world

1 October onwards

The image shows a close up photograph of a female face with shimmering pink glitter eyeshadow, aqua blue eye liner and dark wine red lips. The female has flaming orange hair. Superimposed onto this is a smaller image, a digital painting, of the same female. The two images are looking out from behind a glass pane with rain drops falling downwards. The white text in the foreground across the image says, Scheherazades Sea: stories and songs from a hidden world. 2020 copyright Dawn-joy Leong. In the bottom left corner, Supported by and two logos below of the National Arts Council Singapore and SG Culture Anywhere.

Welcome to “Scheherazade’s Sea: stories and songs from a hidden world, 2020.” In this video, you will see, hear and experience tiny reflections from my Autistic world through visual imagery, storytelling, song and poetry. The title is inspired by Scheherazade in the ‘Arabian Nights’ folk tales, whose stories to the wicked Sultan helped her survive and saved her life.

My Scheherazade is an Autistic girl, journeying alone through an unkind world, where she encounters confusing twists and turns of lies, betrayal and disappointment. When at last, she begins to embrace and love her unique Autistic self with courage and determination, Scheherazade discovers that her Autistic world, Scheherazade’s Sea, while misunderstood by others, is actually a beautiful one, full of wonderment and hope, a deep and wide ocean alive with infinite possibilities. It is then, that she finds strength within to continue along her journey, bravely embracing her unique Autistic Joy.

“Scheherazade’s Sea: stories and songs from a hidden world” is fully digitalised and revised from its original version, which was performed in Hong Kong in 2010, and The World Stage Design Festival in Cardiff, U.K. in 2013.

Supported by the National Arts Council Singapore and SG Culture Anywhere.

Category: Multidisciplinary art; digital art; visual art; video; storytelling
Event Duration: 16 minutes
Language: English
Type of Access Provided: Captioned
Advisory Restriction: Suitable for all ages. Some content about betrayal and lies
Website: |
Contact: 81303391 (Dawn)

Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest

2 October – 31 December 2020

The poster has a backdrop of a forest with different shades of green, and a central portion of light blue. In this portion, there is a group of 8 animal illustrations: a green frog, striped tiger, flying owl, pink elephant, peacock, green crocodile, running monkey and a mousedeer in the centre. At the top of the poster is the show title Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest in an orange, bubbly font. Below are further details saying by DADC, an initiative by Maya Dance Theatre, produced by Apsara Asia. Below the animals, there are the event and ticketing details in yellow font, with a QR code beside it. At the bottom of the poster are the logos of the supporters of this show: National Arts Council, Apsara Asia Pte Ltd, Maya Dance Theatre, Millenia Motion Pictures and Gateway Theatre.

Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest retells the adventures of a clever mousedeer (Sang Kanchil), who uses her wits to outsmart the ferocious animals bent on eating her and with the help of her friends!

A delightful experience for children and families, this story of bravery and friendship will be the first time Diverse Abilities Dance Collective, DADC presents an online work straight to your screens!

Narrated through a blend of dance, theatre and storytelling, Mighty Mousedeer of the Forest is presented by DADC, a newly formed collective of Maya Dance Theatre, and brings our stories of yesteryears to life in this modern rendition of a Malay folklore where dancers engage one another in an enchanting display of movement and storytelling stringed together by a canorous musical score.

Produced by Apsara Asia Pte Ltd, production features dancers from DADC with artistic direction by Kavitha Krishnan, choreography by Eva Tey, music composition by Kailin Yong / Raghavendran Rajasekaran, and script / narration by Karen Lee.

Category: Theatre / Dance / Music / Film
Organiser: DADC (Diverse Abilities Dance Collective)
Venue: Online
Event Timings: Premiering on 2 Oct 2020 via Peatix, Video available on Vimeo from 2 Oct to 31 Dec 2020
Language: English
Ticketing info: $15 via Peatix (click here)
Website: |
Contact:[email protected]

Global Series: Participatory Arts and Drama

12 October to 23 October 2020

Backdrop of a rustic white wall with the lower half covered in light blue paint. Text on image reads Live Webinar. Global Series: Participatory Arts and Drama. A global series webinar by Access Path. 12 October to 23 October 2020. Various timings. Register at Commissioned by Logo of National Arts Council Organized by Logo of Access Path Productions.

A free online programme designed for local arts practitioners, arts managers and producers to develop an accessible and participant-centred practice. Join leading UK and SG artists – facilitators in the disability arts scene as they share their practice. This programme is commissioned by National Arts Council.

Limited to 20 participants for selected sessions. For information on workshops and to register, please visit

Category: Workshops
Organiser: Access Path Productions
Venue: Zoom
Event Timings: Various
Language: English
Ticketing Info: Free, registration required
Typed of Access Provided: Upon request
Contact: [email protected]

The Launch of the Inclusive Young Company (iYC)

January – April 2021

Image shown: In a landscape format. On the left and against an amber background, a bold title reads New! Inclusive Young Company. On the right is a picture of the 2014 Production of The Laramie Project by The young Company. It shows a stage made out of wooden pallets, a sky blue backdrop, and 9 young individuals in different poses looking straight ahead.

Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) is partnering with Access Path Productions to launch our very first theatre training programme for diverse needs and abilities.

iYC is a holistic acting programme for young persons and adults between the ages of 16 – 35, who identify as persons with disabilities. Sharing its goals with SRT’s acclaimed The Young Company (TYC) acting programme, it aims to equip and nurture you with the confidence, transferable employment skills, and communication techniques that you will need to shine onstage, as well as in your career of choice. It features professional masterclasses and mentorship – led by international artist Grace Lee-Khoo – which will provide a platform for the development of your creative potential as an independent performer and theatre-maker.

Both SRT and Access Path Productions as organisations believe in addressing the imbalance of accessibility to the arts, and we believe in working with you, your experiences, and your stories, to support disabled-led and -focused work. We are passionate about guiding and honing your artistry and capabilities as individuals, with high-quality processes and execution.
If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please express your interest and complete the online form here by 31 October 2020.

Important dates to note:
Submission of Interest Deadline: 31 October 2020

Audition Submission Deadline: 30 November 2020
Round 1 Auditions – Auditions will be in the form of an online video submission (details will be sent to those who registered interest).

Exposure 1 Semester: January – April 2021 (4 months)
Those selected from the Final Audition will proceed to join Exposure 1 Semester.

Final Audition: December 2020 (Date TBC)
Successful applicants from Round 1 will be invited to an audition workshop

Category: Theatre / Workshops
Organiser: Singapore Repertory Theatre
Venue: To be confirmed
Language: English
Contact: [email protected]

SAME-SAME, An Online Inclusive Collaboration between Australia and Singapore

13 November – 14 November 2020

Image shown: In a portrait format. Poster of SAME-SAME. Main background is made up of fluid bluish hues and patterns. There are 16 close-up thumbnails of individuals in different poses arranged in 4 rows and columns, with a mirrored image of the title SAME-SAME set vertically on the top and bottom of the second and third row. Poster includes text information, which is elaborated in this event listing.

SAME-SAME is an online inclusive arts collaboration between No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability (Adelaide, Australia) and Diverse Abilities Dance Collective, DADC (Singapore).

This Singapore International Foundation Arts for Good project is an online cross-border project exploring themes of friendship and online collaboration between people living with disability. How can we connect online? How are we the same? How are we different? How can the arts bring us together?

Over the course of three months, seven performers (actors and dancers) from both countries, got to know each other and explore the idea of SAME-SAME online. Very quickly, their roles evolved from performers to reveal the sameness of what it means to be human. How they experienced Covid restrictions in their own countries and contexts. Beyond Covid, what is similar? What is different? How can we overcome differences to connect?

Directed by Jeffrey Tan with Emma Beech, in collaboration with Subastian Tan (Maya Dance Theatre) and Michaela Cantwell (No Strings) and performers from both countries. Come and join us to experience their stories of life, love and dreams.

Concurrent performances will be held in person in Adelaide, Australia and online in Singapore. Book early to avoid disappointment. Are we SAME-SAME?

Category: Theatre / Dance
Organiser: Jeffrey Tan, Theatre Today
Venue: Online
Event Timings: Fri 13 Nov (SGT 9.30am & 6pm), Sat 14 Nov (SGT 12.30pm & 6pm)
Language: English
Website: (pre-registration)
Contact: [email protected] / 96546947

Looking At Me, Looking At You.

Image shown: A bold black title reads, Looking at Me, Looking at You against a plain white background. Underneath the title are the details which are further elaborated in the listing. On the right side of the image are hand-drawn doodles of self-portraits of different people and objects. At the bottom of the image shows the simple website interface of this online project. A Chinese female with black hair and specs glancing sideways at the camera, superimposed with a hand-drawn profile of her face. To her left, the text reads I want the world to see me for, followed by an empty text box for users to complete, and an option if they wish to receive a copy of their self-portrait via email.

Revolving around the idea of self-expression, Looking at Me Looking at You. is created as a space which allows for that through the medium of self-portraits.

Using the camera feed of your reflection only as a guide, your self-portrait can be realistic, surreal, distorted, it can be in any way you want to portray yourself. The control lies in you to tell the world how you want to be seen.

Category: Interactive Art
Organiser: Jacky Boen, Mui Rui Yi
Language: English
Contact: [email protected]

Self-Portrait: A Performative Film Tour

Join five muses as they meditate on art and life amidst Chua Soo Bin’s most iconic images.

Self-Portrait: A Performative Tour was a roving performance at the National Gallery Singapore’s Light to Night 2020 festival.

The film version, shot at Chua Soo Bin’s Truth & Legends exhibition at the National Gallery, remembers his legacy and contributions to arts and culture and features some of Singapore’s most exciting young artists today, including Wheelsmith and dancer Ammar “Ameezy”.

Created by Grace Lee-Khoo, founder of Access Path Productions and UK trained applied theatre practitioner and directed by James Khoo of Pangolin Films.

Starring Chanel Ariel Chan, Ammar “Ameezy”, Evelyn Chye, Tung Ka Wai and Wheelsmith (Danial Bawthan)

Self-Portrait: A Performative Film Tour will be audio described and captioned. Singapore Sign Language has been integrated into the performance.

Category: Film
Organiser: Access Path Productions
Venue: Online
Language: English with some Mandarin and Singapore Sign Language

International SAORI Hand Weaving Workshop

23 – 26 February 2021

International SAORI Hand Weaving Workshop

SAORI is a free-style form of weaving that allows weavers to weave what they want with complete freedom and creativity. It allows weavers to exhibit their true selves through weaving, and also believes strongly in the acceptance of imperfection. As a result, no 2 cloths are alike when it comes to SAORI weaving.

This 3-day workshop will allow participants to acquire the basic techniques of SAORI hand weaving, and also experience its therapeutic effects. Certificates will be awarded to participants upon the completion of this workshop. There will also be a fashion show showcasing the works of the participants on 26 February 2021, as part of the International Symposium for Arts Inclusion and Diversity.

Please look forward to more details to come at and contact [email protected] if you have any enquiries.

Category: Workshops
Venue: Villar Social center las Pinas (Manila, Philippines)
Event Timing: 10:00 – 15:00 (UTC +8)
Language: English
Type of Access Provided: Sign Language Interpretation, Wheelchair-friendly
Ticketing Info: Pph 20,000 per person. Includes food, accommodation, round trip bus transfer, hand-outs, certificates and demo materials
Contact: [email protected]

International Symposium for Arts Inclusion and Diversity
Beyond Welfare Towards Social Participation
Effectiveness of the Arts Practiced by Persons with Disabilities in Asia

26 February 2021

International Symposium for Arts Inclusion and Diversity, Beyond Welfare Towards Social Participation, Effectiveness of the Arts Practiced by Persons with Disabilities in Asia

The International Symposium for Arts Inclusion and Diversity is organised with the idea of establishing an inclusive society with diversity through the arts. Speakers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Japan will be invited to share their experiences in this first-of-its-kind event held at Villar Social Center las Pinas.

Instead of holding a private panel for just specialists in the industry, we decided to make the event public and also hold it at a commercial area so that the general public can participate and learn about inclusion and diversity. The event will also be live-streamed.

The programme will include a 3-day workshop, exhibit, as well as a fashion show.

Please look forward to more details to come at and contact [email protected] if you have any enquiries.

Category: Symposium
Venue: Villar Social center las Pinas (Manila, Philippines)
Event Timing: 10:00 – 15:00 (UTC +8)
Language: English
Type of Access Provided: Sign Language Interpretation, Captioning, Wheelchair-friendly
Ticketing Info: USD 30
Contact: [email protected]



2020 – 2021

Image shown: Online platform to share inspiring stories of persons with disabilities for development

UNESCO invites persons with disabilities around the world to share their stories of empowerment. By sharing your story, you will motivate those who are in a similar position or face similar obstacles. Also, you will make your voice heard by wider audiences and actors working in public and private spheres globally, informing decision-making. This collection of stories constitutes an important set of case studies and data which governments, disabled people organizations, other civil society organizations, as well as the private sector, can draw to develop informed policies, community actions, and business plans. The online platform “Story for Development” is created by UNESCO and supported by The Nippon Foundation.

Category: Resource
Organiser: UNESCO
Language: English, French

Arts & Disability International Conference 2018 – Executive Summary

Jointly organised by the National Arts Council and Very Special Arts Singapore, presented by The Nippon Foundation, and supported by the Singapore International Foundation and British Council, the inaugural Arts and Disability International Conference 2018 (ADIC 2018) was held in Singapore from 22nd to 23rd March 2018 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, and Enabling Village.

First in the ASEAN region, the Conference focused on innovation and leadership to inspire and enable persons with disabilities through the arts. The 1.5 day Conference featured a stellar line-up of international and local guest speakers and arts groups from Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Japan, Singapore and UK, and brought together about 420 international and local arts practitioners, academics, industry leaders and policymakers, and provided a vibrant platform for intellectual debates and practical policy discussions that complemented the True Colours Festival.

Click here for the Conference executive summary

Arts & Disability Forum 2016 – Post-Forum Publication

The Arts & Disability Forum 2016 Post-Forum Publication features the Singapore and UK exchanges on insights and best practices in the arts and disability sphere from the Forum.

The Arts & Disability Forum 2016 was organised through a tri-partnership between the National Arts Council (NAC), British Council (BC) and the Singapore International Foundation (SIF). The co-organisers compiled a post-Forum publication to capture key learnings from the Forum as a resource for the wider arts and disability ecosystem beyond the Forum.

Click here for the Post-Forum Publication